Darren – Karate Dad of two and Adult Karate student

Me and my boys wanted to change gyms. We found G5 and we do not regret it, we have been there about 3-4 months now, G5 has the old school traditional martial arts respect & values, which is a must for me and my kids as there ain’t many places out there like this. My kids, who are 14 & 3, absolutely love it. They were so welcoming and brilliant with them making them feel comfortable and welcome in a new place ,

The instructors there know there stuff,anyone who has done martial arts in the past or know anything about it, just needs to watch them in action to know that they have many years of experience in different Disciplines and aspects of martial arts, and on top of that they all seem nice down to earth people who will help whenever they can. G5 will be our place to train for a very long time.



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