We teach each child on an individual basis, the age brackets for these classes are simply a guideline.

TINY TIGERS (4-6 year olds) – Introducing young people to Martial Arts through fun!! In this class we look at building confidence working on motor skills activities, balance, coordination and learning some basic karate moves. All of this through the medium of games and fun.

JUNIORS (6-9 year olds) – Moving up to learning Martial Arts in a safe, fun and motivational environment. Still including games in a similar fashion to the TINY TIGERS with more focus on Karate syllabus and gradings.

CADETS (9-15 year olds) – In a more focused and mature learning environment, students in the Cadet classes are expected to take their training a bit more seriously now. Still working in a fun and motivational Way, we encourage self-discipline and respect.

ADULTS (16+) – We have Beginners and Advanced classes in Tora Kai Karate and Aikido. In both areas we look at self defence scenarios also, our Karate style incorporates Aikido principles and vice versa, thus the emphasis is focused on applying the Martial Arts principles to real situations. Classes are run by our Chief Instructors in a club format with a great range of students, young to old, new to experienced.

BLACK BELT ACADEMY – At Black Belt level we run separate classes for a more advanced level of training. This is important for us as a school, as for many the real Journey begins at Black Belt!!

HOME EDUCATION GROUPS – We run regular home education groups during the daytime. For those that have decided mainstream education isn’t for them, our Premiere full-time centre offers exercise, education, sociability and discipline all under one roof.

LADIES KICKBOXING – Our resident Kickboxing coach Emma Taylor (also 2nd Dan Tora Kai Karate) runs weekly sessions for ladies of any age or fitness ability, working on fitness, conditioning, pad work through combinations of kicks and punches. These classes are a fun and friendly way of getting fit and learning some basics of self defence.

YOGA – Our Yoga coach Eunice has worked with the team for many years and has more recently contributed with building small Yoga routines into our mid grade syllabus to encourage our students to keep a strong on strength, balance and flexibility.

1-1 PRIVATE TUITION – Private tuition is available to our members at all ages and levels. Some find it useful to advance themselves towards their next grade, some students simply learn better in a personalised environment, tailored to their needs.

We also run classes specifically for children with additional learning needs for those kids who may need a more personalised introduction to Martial Arts. These classes often run for a shorter time period to allow the Student to adapt to the new environment gradually and at their own pace.



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